About Us


At PIM we have been working passionately in the plastic industry for over 40 years. We are inspired by the most advanced technologies and ground breaking idea’s to date.

We are striving to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations, on the highest level. Our goal is to be able to give our customers, products & services that are the most cost effective and the greatest quality on a global level. This concept has been our true strength from the beginning.

In 1969 we began as a small “part” manufacturer, building pieces, like window inserts, toys & brush backs and elevator buckets. In the 1980’s when advances in plastic moulding brought about potential for more plastic global needs, the “new mold technologies” enables us to build products of complex shapes and a combination of high strength & lighter weight. Our Family Company of tradition and growth, service, and highest quality had begun.

The Dairy and Bakery was the second to realize PIM’s Injection Moulding capabilities. With competitive markets, our customers have been demanding sustainable transport packaging solutions that are designed to help handle and protect their products safely and more efficiency and also provide an excellent return on investment.

Since day one the PIM family has aimed to go above and beyond in all areas.

The PIM Company has grown far from the early days with only a few products too many. Industry leading companies worldwide have made our products first choice.

The PIM team is also in the custom moulding process. ‘’Starting from the beginning idea concept to the end marketing stage’’. Our customer’s growth & success is what motivates us from concept to solution.

We have always been in the plastic recycling mode. Our products can be made 100% virgin to100% recycled. We are glad that from day one we were “recycle friendly”.

PIM serves customers with a manufacturing and service centre in Canada. We are allied with distributors through the United States, Canada & Mexico. Our customers rank us # 1 in Industry service, support and workmanship. Our tradition and commitment guarantee it.